Recipe: Peanut-crusted Szechwan Chicken Strips

2017 Oct
Recipe: Peanut-crusted Szechwan Chicken Strips

Recipe: Peanut-crusted Szechwan Chicken Strips

by Louis Gervais / In News & Media, Recipes, Tips & Advice

Chef Louis has been hard at work this season to create several (read: 20 plus!) new recipe additions to both our Bistro and Catering menu just in time for holiday entertaining.

One such new item to make the culinary cut are Chefs zesty-sweet one-bite Peanut-crusted Szechwan Chicken Strips.  These little appetizers are definitely addictive and perfect for any party you’re planning and offer up just the right touch of exotic flavour to wow your guests taste buds and keep them coming back to the kitchen for more.

Check out Chef Louis’ recipe below and try it at home…

Peanut-crusted Szechwan Chicken Strips


1 cup oven roasted peanuts (pulsed until fine in food processor)

36 strips of cucumber (cut julienne-style using a mandolin)

4 cooked chicken breasts, cut approximately 3 inches long by about 1/2 inch thick (rectangular shape)

36 chive sticks (approximately 2 inches in length)

4 tablespoons Calamansi Vinegar (a very fruit-forward style vinegar from the Philippines)

2 tablespoons Gouguchan red chilli paste

1 tablespoon sweet chilli sauce

pinch of salt and pepper

2 eggs (beaten and blended with several tablespoons of water)


In a small sauce pan bring the Gouguchan, water, chilli sauce and Calamansi vinegar to a simmer and let cool.  Place cooked chicken pieces in sauce overnight to absorb flavours before removing to assemble.  Remove from fridge and arrange, wrapping each with cucumber strips and tucking a sprig of chive under the cucumber as a garnish.   Finish by sprinkling peanut crumbs overtop and serve.

If you’re on the hunt for even more palate-pleasing seasonal recipe ideas, be sure to revisit us on the blog and watch for updates on social media too.  Want to leave all the prep to the pros? No problem! Chef Louis Gervais and his culinary team would love to help you for your next special catered event.  Connect with him by email: and start planning an incredible menu today.







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