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2017 Jul

Get Colourful And Creative With Chef Louis’ Beet Dice Recipe

by Louis Gervais / In News & Media, Recipes, Tips & Advice

It’s summer and we know it’s all about digging into the bounty of nature’s offerings to enjoy fresh ingredients when possible. That’s why we’re huge fans of beets (and especially this particular recipe that is a hit with high-rollers (Beet Dice – get it?! )…   This summertime canapé is one of Chef Louis’ signature creations […]

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2011 May
Mango Salsa

Mango Salsa Recipe

by Louis Gervais / In Recipes

Who doesn’t love barbecue? Summer is officially here when the grill fires up, the coals glow and the sweet spicy smell of caramelizing sauce fills the air. But what happens when you tire of the standard burger and hot dogs, when you want to create a gourmet recipe and take your grilling to the next […]

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