Glam Dipped Chocolate Strawberries Recipes

2014 Feb

Glam Dipped Chocolate Strawberries Recipes

by Louis Gervais / In Recipes

Romantic Recommendation

Glam Dipped Chocolate Strawberries

It is time again to post a Romantic Recommendation on the Louis Gervais Fine Foods & Catering Blog, and what better time than now? With only a few more days before Valentine’s Day, a little Romantic Recommendation is highly appropriate.

This week, we’ve packaged some decadent and plump Glam Dipped Chocolate Strawberries for sale in the Bistro – large succulent fruit covered with rich and creamy Callebaut chocolate sprinkled with little Gold flakes. Is your mouth watering yet? Not only that, but here we’ve provided you with some details about why chocolate covered strawberries are so sexy! Really, isn’t chocolate covered anything sexy?

Strawberries have long been thought to be a sign of fertility because of their many seeds exposed for all to see. They also contain a large amount of vitamin C, fiber, folic acid, and potassium which prevents bloating. As well, they contribute to a healthy cardiovascular system thanks to their omega-3 fatty acids. In short, eating strawberries will most certainly heighten arousal and increase stamina!

Chopping Chocolate

Chocolate on the other hand… well what can we say? What girl doesn’t melt over good chocolate? That’s of course because women are more susceptible to the effects of chocolate’s serotonin substances which increase mood, blood pressure, heart rate, and create an overall feeling of euphoria. And they thought Tequila was the answer!

Louis Dipping Chocolate

Combine these two magical foods and you’ve got the perfect combination for a love potion. What makes aphrodisiac foods even more enticing is their presentation. Visuals are so strong in our culture and when you have something as appetizing and visually arousing as chocolate covered strawberries, you’ve really set the perfect mood for romance.

Jacey with Strawberries

Stop by the Louis Gervais Bistro to get some of our very own Glam Dipped Chocolate Strawberries. You can indulge in one for yourself for only $2.75, or grab a beautifully packaged half dozen ($13.75) to share with someone special.

If you prefer to make an evening affair out of dipping your own, follow this simple recipe for dipped chocolate strawberries!


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