Chef’s Dish Continued: Louis Talks Most Embarrassing Catering Moments, Pond Hockey and Late Night Eats

2017 Aug

Chef’s Dish Continued: Louis Talks Most Embarrassing Catering Moments, Pond Hockey and Late Night Eats

by Louis Gervais / In News & Media

Last month we took a North Vancouver time-out with very own Executive Chef Louis Gervais to ask him about the most memorable events of his career, and of course, the loves of his life – his family and favourite game, golf.

This July, Louis and Kelly, (see last week’s interview with Kelly Gervais here), were able to squeeze in a much-needed break to explore the joys of the province and time spent with their family. We are, however, so very happy to have them back in-house!

Chef Louis Prepping for a North Vancouver event!

Today, we are welcoming their return – and a very busy upcoming August – by sharing this continued Chef’s Dish (please see our first edition here)!

Read below for Louis’ candid answers to our rather inspired (and sometimes random) inquiries…!

Hey Louis! Welcome home! So tell us…. what is your favourite ingredient to cook with?

How do you pick just one? I love to play with ingredients and pair them with unlikely companions. Right now the lavender in our bistro garden is calling to me. This summer flower is also a herb and its fragrant flavour is perfect for both savoury and sweet dishes. I use it in our roasted Provençale lamb chops with a lavender herb rub, served with saffron aioli, and in many desserts such as lavender infused Crème brûlée or ice cream. It’s so versatile and delicious!

What is your most embarrassing cooking moment to date?

I was preparing 7 pans of Beef Stroganoff for a wedding buffet when I realized I had lost my wedding ring – possibly in one of the 7 pans. Had to roll up my sleeves and start digging. I found it in the third pan so was saved the effort of having to shift through all 7. Needless to say, I do not wear my wedding ring to work anymore.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

Growing up I either wanted to be a fireman or a professional hockey player. I grew up in Montreal so I spent a good portion of every year on an outdoor rink with a hockey stick; I even played on a Junior B team for one year. Of course, that was before I discovered golf.

…. Brunch…. or straight to Lunch?

Definitely brunch. It’s the best of both breakfast and lunch. I love eggs, and bacon, and sausages, and Benny’s and….toast, and pancakes and (you get the gist)…


After a night of wine, what is your favourite late night go to nosh? 

It’s got to be fridge clean up scrambled eggs. Five ingredients that might seem useless all on
their own become a taste sensation when you fry them up with a few eggs. My wife Kelly laughs at me and says “anything tastes great at 2 am after a few drinks” but I’m convinced that my wildly eclectic 2 am concoctions would be delicious any time of the day.

We definitely love your imagination Louis, and believe these late night “concoctions” would beat ours any day!

Louis Gervais Catering is a family business, embodying a true dedication to their culinary craft and a loyal clientele. Always striving to create a one-of-a-kind, world-class experience for their varied guests, Louis Gervais Catering is forever challenging new and unique ways to bring the best of BC’s local bounty to the plate.






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