Chef’s Dish: Catering Is A Family Affair And Kelly Gervais Has Lots To Share

2017 Jul

Chef’s Dish: Catering Is A Family Affair And Kelly Gervais Has Lots To Share

by Louis Gervais / In News & Media

Earlier this month, we sat down with Louis, our larger than life chef and creator of all things delicious in catering for a bit of Q&A on the blog.  Well, now we’re turning the tables (and attention) toward Kelly Gervais, his beloved partner in life and family business – who prefers to shy away from the camera.  

kelly and catering office company.
Kelly and her four legged Dougan.

We wanted her scoop on just what it takes to run a catering business in BC while balancing life, a happy marriage and larger-than-life personality of her hubby Chef Louis Gervais.  She, alongside Dugan the family Labradoodle have plenty to share… Read on to discover how this smart, sassy and dynamic woman provides the perfect voice of reason to everyday business at Louis Gervais Catering & Fine Foods: complimenting Chef Louis’ creative mind.

Kelly kindly shares a little bit about herself, giving us an inside peek of what it’s like to work in such a fast-paced, competitive industry alongside her husband… and even shares a little insider info on what the Gervais family is looking forward to this fall!

Spotted: lovebirds in the kitchen.
Dynamic duo.

What is the best and worst part of working alongside your spouse?

Best: Louis and I are sooooo different, which has made us perfect business partners.Louis is impulsive, creative, and driven. He wants to take action and move forward constantly and immediately. I, on the other hand, am more cautious, thoughtful, always looking for the best strategy and insisting that he adopt and follow procedures. It works well because he pushes me to do “it” and I make sure we do “it” the best way.

Worst:   He is impulsive, creative and driven. It works, but it drives me crazy.

What is a favourite (crave worthy) dish that your husband, Chef Louis prepares and why?

Definitely Halibut with red wine butter sauce and potato latkes. In my opinion, everything tastes better with butter and red wine so when Louis combines the two in a sauce …… it is heaven for the taste buds! Paired with crispy shredded potatoes pan-fried (also in butter) – what’s not to love? The halibut is pretty wonderful too.

Your eldest daughter recently got married. What was the best memory from the occasion and what is it that you are most excited about next?

Chloe was married on July 12th at Sunwolf Resort in Brackendale. She always said she wanted a rustic style woodland wedding and a family style dinner in the middle of the forest.  Keeping to the casual but elegant theme, we pitched a beautiful white marquee tent filled with twinkle lights in the middle of a clearing next to the woods.  My best memories were of Chloe and her three bridesmaids rehearsing the walk down the isle (a bumpy trail to the forest) in high heels holding beer cans instead of flowers. This brought on a lot of giggles and a few tears too. To be able to be such a part of the process of helping bring my daughter’s dream to reality on this special day was so memorable.  The look on my daughter’s face when she saw hundreds of twinkling lights strung across the roof of the marquee tent, picnic tables covered with linen table cloths and settings for dinner (complete with flower arrangements and candles in mason jars) is a moment I will remember forever.  It was stunning and the evening was just perfect.

A catering family
The Gervais Family

Next? Louis and I will be grandparents in November of this year! We are welcoming a little Willa Zoe Laurel Etienne into our family. We are so so excited – can’t wait!

Did you ever imagine you’d be co-owner of a catering business? What was your dream job growing up?

Never! I was pursuing a career in marketing when Louis launched his catering business almost 20 years ago. I was helping him out with accounting and admin but still working full time at a Marketing and Communications position at BCIT. After about 5 years, BCIT was laying off employees and I was having trouble juggling both my job and our business admin. Louis and I decided it was time to take the plunge and I joined him full time. I don’t know that I had a dream job growing up but it certainly wouldn’t have been in catering. I always loved eating but had no interest in cooking. In fact, I’m a terrible cook. Never had to learn  – I married a Chef!

Do you have a ‘nickname’ for your husband?

I actually don’t! Pet names or endearments aren’t my style… I just call him Louis.

Officially one-half of the company namesake, Kelly is clearly an organizational powerhouse, managing the success of Louis Gervais Catering while overseeing the company’s objectives and longterm planning and goals for continued growth.  She is very an integral part of front and back-of-house business, offering a passionate (and carefully planned) approach to her daily activities dealing with clients looking to map out their perfect event.

When you are in need of a trustworthy, talented and creative team, be sure to contact Kelly and Louis: it’s truly a family affair. Email them today and get started:



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