Tricky treats and trends for your Halloween Party!

2014 Oct

Tricky treats and trends for your Halloween Party!

by Louis Gervais / In Recipes, Tips & Advice

As the leaves transform colour around us, the temperature drops and the air turns crisp, we can no longer deny that summer is on the way out and winter will soon be here. However, before the full chill of winter descends upon us we have the spooky festivities of Halloween to look forward to – a time to let loose and get a little silly before we rev up for the holiday season.

While many of you envision yourself running from house to house trading tricks for sweet treats with the little ones, Halloween falls on a Friday this year so expect to get at least a few invitations to different Vancouver parties. And, if you’re planning on throwing your own Halloween party this year, we at Louis Gervais Fine Foods & Catering have a few tips for making the menu outrageous and your costume unforgettable.

Incorporating a ghoulish approach to your Halloween snacks is the most effective way to give your guests the creeps:

Jack-o-lantern vessels Carve some pumpkins and use them as vessels for your Halloween party snacks. Small pumpkins can hold bowls of dips, roasted nuts or condiments. Larger pumpkins can be hollowed out and used to hold platters of canapes, cookies or cheese

Blood punch Purchase some tiny novelty body parts at your local costume shop and freeze them in ice cubes. Use these creepy cubes to chill a dark cranberry punch. Refreshing and ghoulish!


If you’re looking for the perfect costume to wow your guests, our friends at Boo La La Costumes insist the top costume trends for 2014 fall into three categories:

TV and movie themes Always a major hit – just pick your favourite character and go from there.

Decade inspired Everyone is drawn to a particular decade. Maybe you were born under the funky 1970s disco lights or feel you should have lived during the roaring 20s. Dig through your closet for some oldies but goodies you forgot were there or visit the local vintage clothing shop – Halloween is the perfect opportunity to reminisce!

Masquerade A simple mask instantly adds a mysterious flair to any costume without being cumbersome or clumsy. Pair it with a feather boa and a simple black cocktail dress. A terrific option for the host of the party!


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