The Importance of Corporate Team Building

2011 Aug
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The Importance of Corporate Team Building

by Louis Gervais / In Tips & Advice

There is no question, a happy team is a productive team.
Whether you are a national corporation or a small boutique firm the morale and general happiness of your team is essential to the success and profitability of your business-not to mention the health and well being of your employees.

But what makes a happy employee? Sure health benefits, pension plans and family benefits are key but when asked, most people will tell you the same thing–it comes down to the people.

Simply put, people want to trust the people they work for
and like the people they work with.

Smart business owners and managers understand the importance of fostering the inter-workplace relationships (both employee to employee and employee to management) and are looking for new and innovative ways to encourage collaboration, trust and communication between their staff. Instead of boring boardroom presentations and ‘pep’ talks managers are looking to interactive, engaging opportunities for team building and morale boosting.

Corporate Team Building Programs have been named as one of the Top 10 Meeting Trends of 2011 by
Corporate Events & Meeting Magazine.

Qualified team building providers such as  Canadian Outback Adventures & Events offer dozens of unique, fun filled events designed to designed to bring your team together while teaching vital workplace skills Their 5 most popular team building events include; The Amazing Chase, Corporate Castaways, Iron Chef BBQ Challenge, The Apprentice and Cake Boss.

With the notoriety of the Food Network shows such as Iron Chef and Hell’s Kitchen, culinary style events are quickly gaining popularity. Here at Louis Gervais Fine Foods & Catering we offer team building culinary adventures designed to connect your group in a fun, energetic atmosphere. Food is an easy way to bring people together and culinary team building events are a great solution for companies with diverse employees since they require less physical strength and stamina than some other programs.

Some of the benefits of Corporate Team Building include:

  • raising employee morale
  • encouraging creative thinking
  • increasing communication
  • improving team interaction
  • improving leadership skills
  • improving organizational productivity
  • helps in identifying teams strengths and weaknesses

An added bonus for employers is the chance to see the team working together outside the regular structure of the office. Without the boundaries of official titles and positions you might be surprised by who takes a leadership role and realize new opportunities to fully utilize the skills of a team member. It also provides the opportunity to identify strengths and weaknesses of the team as a whole at the same time as letting your staff let loose and socialize in a low pressure environment.

Shannen Eis from Canadian Outback notes that; ‘When employees are engaged and feel valued, it creates happier people, better communication, stronger leadership, increased trust in the organization and higher productivity. A trained staff is more efficient, brings in more revenue and is better able to adapt to a changing business environment. It’s a no brainer that team building and educational programs should be a part of any top flight company’s corporate culture.’

The return on investment extends long after the event itself. In additional to the practical leadership and communication skills they learn, the connections your team makes that day will result in a happier, more dynamic work environment and we all know that has a positive effect on the bottom line. If you are wondering how to take your business to the next level it might just be time to invest in your people.

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