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Vancouver Cooking Classes

As much entertainment as instruction, our Vancouver cooking classes are for all cooking enthusiasts

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Corporate Team Building Classes

Ideal for celebrating a corporate milestone, rewarding or inspiring staff or uniting a team.

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Culinary Parties

Perfect for celebrations or a unique alternative to dinner parties and restaurant dining

From curious diners who rarely set foot in the kitchen to aspiring chefs seeking new recipes and techniques, all culinary enthusiasts will appreciate our Vancouver cooking classes. Contact one of our event planners at 604-904-7720 to find out more or to book you cooking class today.

Corporate Team Building Classes

We offer three popular Cooking Class formats to help bring your team together in a dynamic and fun environment.

Traditional 3 Course Dinner

In this cooking class teams work together in the kitchen to prepare a delectable 3 course meal and then sit down together to enjoy the results! The evening provides a great non-competitive environment enabling staff of all levels to work together in a casual, social atmosphere. This is a popular cooking class for corporate celebrations or rewarding a team for a job well done.

Master Chef Culinary Challenge

A unique take on the wildly successful TV series, this cooking class challenges teams to work together to design and execute a 3 course menu. Our chef instructors judge the final products and announce a winning team before everyone sits down to enjoy a meal, a glass of wine and some laughs. Encouraging strategic thinking, working towards strict deadlines and organizational skills this dynamic cooking class is sure to ignite and inspire the competitive edge in your team.

Iron Chef-Black Box Culinary Challenge

The Iron Chef Challenge is similar to the Master Chef Culinary Challenge but, to add to the excitement, teams are given a ‘black box‘ of ingredients that must be incorporated into their three course menu. Without the benefit of prior instruction, this is the most challenging of our corporate cooking classes. Encouraging innovative thinking under pressure this exciting cooking class brings out the creative juices in any group.

The fee for corporate team building cooking classes starts at $1,950 per group.
Contact us at 604-904-7720 for more information or to book your culinary adventure.

Culinary Parties

Interactive Three-course Dinner Cooking Classes

Bring your friends or family together for a lively and interactive culinary adventure in our North Vancouver studio kitchen. Our private Vancouver cooking classes are designed to walk groups of 8 to 14 through the steps and skills required to create and present a three or four course meal. Cooking class menus are focused on popular regional cuisines and are approximately 3 hours in length. Cooking class participants work in pairs preparing each menu item, gaining skills and confidence, and of course having fun! Afterwards, the group enjoys the fruits of their labour and sits down to share a meal, a glass of wine and some laughs.

If your group is looking for more of a challenge or to add some excitement to the evening, consider the Master Chef or Black Box challenge classes described above.

Dinner Theatre

One of the hottest trends in dining is Open Kitchen Dining–the walls come down between kitchen and dining room and now dinner comes with a show! The dining table is set up in our studio kitchen so you can watch and learn as the Chef’s prepare and serve you a delectable 3 course meal.

Whether you are looking for a dinner theater style cooking class or prefer to be hands on in the kitchen learning new recipes and techniques, our private cooking classes offer a unique alternative to the traditional dinner party or restaurant meal.

The fee for custom cooking class parties starts at $1,950 per group.
Contact us at 604-904-7720 to book your culinary adventure.

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