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2015 Jun

Louis’ Little Black Book – Petite Pearl Events

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Louis’ Little Black Book

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We recently worked with Vancouver wedding specialists from Petite Pearl Events on an incredible wedding that featured a stunning ceremony on the UBC Boathouse pier under a clear blue sky and transparent tent, followed by a plated dinner featuring beef tenderloin and fresh sable fish and a late night snack of grilled cheese bites and tomato soup shooters. Louis’ passion for fine cuisine and innovative menus coupled with Jessica’s and Margot’s genius for design and detail proved to be a perfect partnership and the bride and groom were thrilled with the end result. While patting each other on the back for a job well done we took the opportunity to chat with Jessica about herself and the Vancouver company she launched in 2010.

Introduce yourself and your company.

Petite Pearl Events is an award-winning boutique event planning and design company based in Vancouver, BC.

We are comprised of myself, Jessica, the Owner/Principal Planner/Creative Director as well as Margot, a past bride of mine who, over the past 2 years, has worked her way up to a full-time Principal Planner/Designer position. Margot is seriously my saviour. And we have an amazing roster of additional part-time teammates who help us ensure our weddings come together flawlessly.

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Our team’s versatile style allows us to cater to various visions and aesthetics. From simple and elegant or rustic and bohemian to opulent, modern edge or completely themed, we’ve done it and we’re always looking forward to hearing what’s next.


How did you get started? What have been some challenges & breakthroughs?

I started in corporate and special events long before I even knew being a Vancouver “Wedding Planner” was a real thing. I came from a small town where jobs like that didn’t exist as there was no market for it, but it was a whole new world when I moved to Vancouver in 2007.

I realized corporate event planning did not fulfill my creative and entrepreneurial side and decided to give wedding planning a shot. I worked part-time for another wedding planning company for 2 years and knew it was exactly what I was meant to do. I founded Petite Pearl Events in 2010 and haven’t looked back since.

Challenges are ongoing. This job has a never ending learning curve. New trends/special requests/venues/vendors are constantly being introduced. We’re also working with a constantly changing array of clients but that’s also what keeps it interesting. For the small business side of things, let’s just say I’m spending part of my Sunday answering these questions as there is just never enough time in a day…..and a few weeks late…our weddings/events take precedence!! Thanks for understanding 😉

Breakthroughs. Can I say surviving each wedding? LOL. Seriously though. We really pride ourselves on being and remaining a boutique company to ensure more time, attention and personalization can be given to each wedding. With our level of passion for what we’re creating, solving or overcoming the smallest thing can feel like a considerable feat.

tent wedding

What types of events do you do?

We specialize in weddings but we definitely do other types of events including Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Corporate Events or Fundraisers as well as special events such as baby showers, birthdays etc.

What is your most popular product/feature?

Majority of our clients hire us for our design services in addition to one of our planning packages. Having a planner who also handles the decorating consolidates a lot of the design, planning and prep which we truly feel has an effect on the final result. We’ve been alongside for not only the decorating, but also the planning so we really get to know our clients and ensure their event has their name written all over it.

nita lake lodge

What has been your favorite (or most rewarding, most unique) event to work on to date?

Harry Potter!!!!! We had an incredible couple request a Harry Potter themed wedding which was the most exciting and rewarding wedding to bring to life. Straying from the typical “pink and gold” or “pretty and romantic” decor request was a breath of fresh air and the creative freedom we were given for that wedding made it so much fun. Honestly, anyone with a crazy cool theme, please come find us!!! *The girls also won a BC Wedding Award in 2014 for the decor from their Harry Potter themed wedding – congrats!*

bc wedding awards

What is one tip that you would give a client when they are choosing their vendors (photographers, planners, designers, etc)?

Do not use friends. I can’t tell you how many times this has turned to disaster. Maybe your friend is a professional in their industry and they may be a reliable friend outside of your wedding but unless you are legitimately hiring them, they are not being paid for their time. Ultimately, they are not as committed to the preparation required leading up to or on the day of the wedding. In some cases, they cancel altogether because something more fun has come up.

ubc boat house

What is your favourite food to eat at events?

Our entire team agrees that we are literally so starved by the time food is available to us that we are just happy to eat!!!!! We can’t even thank you enough for asking this question because it means you are well aware that vendors need to eat too. “Please sir, I want some more?!”

Since being founded in 2010, Petite Pearl Events has featured on the cover of and in various wedding magazines as well as on many of the world’s top wedding blogs. They were awarded ‘2015 Top Wedding Planner in Vancouver’ by Top Choice Awards, ‘Best Wedding Decor’ at the 2014 Professional BC Wedding Awards and finalist for ‘Best Wedding Event Planning’ at the 2013 Professional BC Wedding Awards. We are proud to call them a preferred partner and look forward to working on many weddings together in the coming years.

As a full service Vancouver wedding caterer, Louis Gervais Fine Foods & Catering can help you plan and execute every detail of your wedding. Visit our wedding page and contact one of our wedding specialists to discuss your vision and explore the possibilities.

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