We can look after all your beverage needs including providing bartenders, wine, beer, spirits, mixes and garnishes. Once you confirm your event with us, we will apply for and obtain a special occasion liquor license and arrange for the purchase and storage of all alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. All items will be chilled and delivered to the venue on the day of the event. When the event is over, our staff will do an inventory and pack up any un-opened bottles which we will return to the liquor store for credit. You only pay for beverages and liquor that are consumed during your event.

If you decide to apply for the special occasion liquor license and coordinate your own liquor requirements we would be happy to provide guidance on amounts to purchase and recommend suitable wines to go with your menu. You can apply for the license online by visiting the BC Liquor Stores website.  

We can provide any cocktails, wine varietals or beers you desire. The following are some recommendations that have been popular with clients in the past:

Signature Cocktails

Vodka, cranberry juice, fresh lime juice Garnished with frozen cranberries

Pender Street
Malibu rum, blue caraco, pineapple juice & fresh lime juice

Lemon Drop Martini
Vodka, triple sec, freshly squeezed lemon Juice
Garnished with twisted peel of lemon

Rosemary-Orange G&T
Gin, fresh rosemary, orange peel zest, tonic

Champagne Flirtini
Vodka, cointreau, pineapple juice & Champagne. Garnished with fresh pineapple

Margarita on the Rocks
Tequila, triple sec & fresh lime juice. Garnished with a salted rim and lime wedge

Local BC Wine Varietals

White Wines

  • Prospect Winery-Ganton & Larson Chardonnay
  • Tinhorn Creek Gewurztraminer
  • Mission Hill Reserve-Pinot Gris
  • Tinhorn Creek-Bench White

Red Wines

  • Prospect Winery-Ganton & Larson Merlot
  • Gray Monk Pinot Noir
  • Mission Hill Reserve-Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Mission Hill Reserve Shiraz

Sparkling Wine

  • Cupcake Prosecco
  • Bailey La Pierre Cremant De Bourgogne
  • Sumac Ridge Stellar Jays Brut


  • Granville Island Lager
  • Granville Island English Pale Ale
  • Stella Artois Lager
  • Central City Red Racer IPA 
  • Heineken Lager


Non-alcoholic White Sangria
White cranberry & grape juices, ginger ale, and fresh mint garnished with white and green fruits

Raspberry Mockjito
Fresh lime juice, muddled raspberries & fresh mint, soda & simple syrup

Strawberry Basil Iced Tea

Fresh strawberries, muddled basil, lemon juice and black tea