Bistro Specials Nov 25th – Nov 29th

2019 Nov

Bistro Specials Nov 25th – Nov 29th

by Louis Gervais / In Bistro Specials

Braised beef a la bourguinon served on brown rice pilaf

Grilled Brie cheese sandwich with a yellow tomato jam & choice of salad

Chicken stir fry with peanuts ginger on Farkay noodles

Spaghetti Marinara with meatballs

(Chef Alen’s fresh pasta and Chef Louis’ Meatballs)

Bacon Cheeseburger with pomme frites

Tomato Vodka
Beef Barley vegetable soup

Feature Sandwich
Tuna melt with aged cheddar

Caprese salad extra virgin olive oil & basilica dressing with lemon zest
Medley of mini potatoes in german mustard vinaigrette
Asian Noodle salad with ginger soy dressing
Chef’s Choice

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