Vancouver’s Top Wedding Food Trends of 2012

2012 May

Vancouver’s Top Wedding Food Trends of 2012

by Louis Gervais / In Tips & Advice

There is little we enjoy more than conceptualizing new and imaginative ways to make a bride’s day special.  The key to guaranteeing our ideas are relevant and on point is talking with our colleagues to hear what trends they are noticing.  We lead the charge by adding our own special touch to Vancouver’s Top Wedding Trends of 2012.

Here are some of our favorites, shared by colleagues, and taken to the next level by our uber-creative team:

Food Stations

Food StationFor the bride who places a high priority on having a fun, lively & modern feel for her reception; food stations are the new must have!  Offering an abundance of variety and a relaxed atmosphere they are fantastic conversation pieces and can provide both sustenance and entertainment.

Our twist: Inspired by the explosion of food trucks in Vancouver food stations typically offer more casual fair.  However, we believe that every occasion deserves fantastic 5 Diamond food regardless of the format.  From elegant seafood bars with fresh oysters, BC spot prawns and caviar to sumptuous risotto bars with Parmigianino cheese, wine and endless fillings; our menus offer the gourmand all the flavours of a sophisticated 8 course tasting menu with a modern and entertaining twist.

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Seasonal & Local Menu Design

Farm FoodWhile it’s always possible to source out-of-season products elsewhere in the world there’s no denying the loss of the authentic Westcoast flavour when your strawberries hail from Mexico.  For brides who seek to honour and highlight the bounty of British Columbia, respecting the natural harvest of each season is the key to ensuring that you are offering the freshest, most flavourful food possible.

Our twist: AWestcoast” theme should, by no means, limit you to salmon, Macintosh apples and crab cakes and Asian fusion.  We prefer to highlight the unsung heroes of BC, including: Pacific cod, Fraser Valley duck, Vancouver Island venison, Paradise Valley pork, fresh huckleberries, chanterelle mushrooms, fiddleheads, wild rice, buckwheat and artisan greens.

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Familia Style Dinning

Festive Family DinnersStruggling to find the balance between your desire to offer your guests variety and your distain of the ubiquitous wedding buffet?  The perfect combination of an elegant plated dinner with beautiful presentation and no line ups and the abundance and bounty of a buffet dinner: Family Style Dinning is literally a marriage made in wedding planning heaven.

Our twist: No Lazy Susans here!  While family-style dinning has developed a reputation for being a less-sophisticated style of service; it all comes down to presentation and menu choice.  With beautiful platters, artfully presented dishes and professional service staff our delivery of Family-style dinning is nothing short of intimate, luxurious and bountiful.

As a full service Vancouver wedding caterer, Louis Gervais Fine Foods & Catering can help you plan and execute every detail of your wedding. Visit our wedding page and contact one of our wedding specialists to discuss your vision and explore the possibilities.

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