Unique Corporate Event & Party Ideas

2016 May

Unique Corporate Event & Party Ideas

by Louis Gervais / In News & Media

Planning a corporate or company party is challenging to say the least. Bringing together an eclectic group of individuals with different lifestyles, interests and social tastes with the ambitious goal of everyone having a terrific time is definitely not an easy task. Corporate event planners are constantly looking for the next fun party idea or food trend that will engage and impress their staff and clients.

Chef Louis’ unique corporate event & party ideas for 2016

  • Breakfast for Dinner
  • Interactive and fun food stations
  • Cooking class parties

 Breakfast for Dinner

Who doesn’t love breakfast? So why not serve it for dinner at your next corporate event. It works beautifully on a buffet or passed as mini versions of everyone’s favourite breakfast dishes. Some of Louis’ creations include:

Mini waffles with crispy fried chicken – drizzled with spiced maple syrup or chicken demi glace…or both.
Petite steak and eggs- sliced beef tenderloin topped with a tiny quails egg and hollandaise sauce.
Bacon potato pancakes, with fresh thyme and sour cream

Pair it with sparkling mimosas and coffee with chocolate infused vodka and whipped cream.


 Interactive and fun food stations

Food stations are a terrific alternative to a sit down meal. They encourage guests to mingle and wander throughout the event space and they can be entertaining as well. Some great trends we’ve seen for 2016 include:

Sticks, Spoons & Shooters station
A station plentiful with bite-sized morsels displayed in spoons, shot glasses and on sticks. Almost any menu item can be adapted to work on this station but some of our most popular include:
Mini chocolate chip cookies on top of a milk shooter
Caprese skewers with heirloom tomatoes, bocconcini & fresh basil
Mini prawn cocktail served in a white porcelain spoon


Salmon gravlax station
Full, fresh sides of salmon displayed on ice and sliced to order. Served on a bed of crispy root vegetable sticks, micro greens and spiced yogurt, this dish is both beautiful and delicious.

Chocolate Truffle station
Guests choose from a selection of flavoured truffles that can be dipped in either white or dark chocolate and then rolled in a variety of toppings. Louis’ favourites are chocolate with orange zest and citrus cognac truffles and coconut, wasabi peas, cocoa and crushed pretzels for toppings.

Cooking class parties

Cooking class parties have been, and continue to be, one of the hottest trends for corporate events and staff teambuilding. Whether you are looking for a large group dinner theatre style cooking class or prefer to be hands on in the kitchen learning new recipes and techniques, our private cooking classes offer a unique alternative to the traditional dinner or restaurant meal. And, they appeal to everyone from curious diners who rarely set foot in the kitchen to aspiring chefs seeking new recipes and techniques.

We offer 3 awesome class formats designed to entertain your guests or help bring your team together in a dynamic and fun environment. Check them out here.

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