BBQ Catering a Trend

2016 May

BBQ Catering a Trend

by Louis Gervais / In Events

BBQ catering is a trend in Canada.

BBQ is included in the top ten growing restaurant trends in Canada and is quickly becoming the fasting growing catering trend for summer corporate events and staff parties, and catered wedding receptions. Typically, barbeque is thought of as a do-it-yourself casual affair. However, more and more, individuals, families, neighbourhoods, and businesses are turning to professional caterers to take care of the food, beverages and service. With BBQ catering, the food and service can range from casual to gourmet.

Chef Louis believes even casual BBQ fare can be dressed up to impress guests. Adding blue cheese and chopped bacon to burger patties transforms ordinary burgers into something exceptional. And, slicing smokies lengthwise and stuffing with shredded sharp cheddar before grilling gives BBQ hotdogs a whole new image.


For companies wanting to impress clients or reward staff at a corporate barbeque cocktail event, Chef Louis recommends grilled bite-sized foods with a variety of dips and sauces. Almost anything can be grilled and served on a stick. Chicken, beef, or pork satays, lavender lamb popsicles, mini burgers are just some of Louis’ favourite corporate BBQ cocktail items that can be circulated by servers at your next corporate BBQ event.

Even brides and grooms are opting for BBQ catering for their wedding receptions. From rustic country farm to chic elegance; plated or buffet Barbequed meats and vegetables can be dressed up or down to fit the couple vision on their wedding day. Chef Louis’ creates custom BBQ menus adding his signature BBQ rubs and sauces to each recipe. Grilled halibut medallions, tenderloin streak, and baby back ribs are some of the most popular items requested for wedding receptions.

This year, Chef Louis Gervais has created three sizzling BBQ catering packages perfect for entertaining groups of 50 to 200 or more. From sirloin beef burgers and smokies to grilled rib eye steak and wild BC salmon each BBQ catering menu offers a range of items and fresh salads guaranteed to please any palette. Check them out on our BBQ menu page!

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