Potato Soufflé Recipe – Thanksgiving

2014 Oct

Potato Soufflé Recipe – Thanksgiving

by Louis Gervais / In News & Media

Soufflés typically have a reputation for being temperamental and finicky but are actually very simple to prepare, given the right ingredients and instruction. These delicious but capricious delicacies are most commonly prepared in dessert form, but Louis’ recipe for a tasty fall-inspired savoury potato soufflé is a perfect side for a Thanksgiving feast or a comforting meal on a chilly night.


Try our fall potato soufflé recipe!


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Louis Gervais

Louis Gervais is the award winning Executive Chef of Louis Gervais Fine Foods. His dynamic personality, passion for fine cuisine, and high standards are evident in every aspect of his business. Find Louis Gervais on Google.

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