Louis’ Little Black Book – Kiri Mcleod of Dreamgroup Productions

2015 Jun

Louis’ Little Black Book – Kiri Mcleod of Dreamgroup Productions

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Louis’ Little Black Book

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Breakfast for dinner – the vision that prompted our first event with Vancouver’s Dreamgroup productions. In May of 2014, Chef Louis invited the Dreamgroup team for lunch on our bistro patio in North Vancouver. The menu included a breakfast item that caught Associate Planner Kiri Mcleod’s attention. She contacted us the next day to discuss her client’s desire to serve breakfast for dinner at their Vancouver wedding reception. The wedding was a tremendous success and featured a menu with Fried Chicken and Waffles, Chorizo Hash Browns, and Granola with Fruit and Greek Yogurt. Once the happy couple were off on their honeymoon we sat down with Kiri to chat about how she got started in event planning and her career with Dreamgroup Productions.

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Introduce yourself. How did you get started?

My name is Kiri McLeod and I am an Associate Planner with Dreamgroup Productions. I was living in Australia, working as a Manager for Lululemon. It was a great gig, but wholly satisfying. It took a lot of self reflection and some hard decision making, but I decided that I was meant to be working in the event planning industry, so I quit my job in the spring of 2012, moved back home to Vancouver and registered for Wedding Planning 101 – a 12 week wedding planning program offered by Dreamgroup.

Was there a clear “breakthrough” moment for you?

A year after I completed the course, Geneve, a founding partner and principle planner at Dreamgroup, called to tell me they had a job opening. I interviewed and was on the team!  I started part time as a Wedding Day Assistant, then quickly moved up to a Coordinator position and was able to move into it full time after one year! I moved my life, moved continents, to pursue my dream and here it is! I remember thinking to myself, “Omg wow, this is happening.”

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What types of events do you plan?

Weddings primarily, but everything from corporate, non profit galas, speaking engagements, Birthday parties, vow renewals, you name it.

What is your most popular type of event to?

Definitely weddings. I love them because no two are the same. I have worked in Pemberton in 40 degree weather, created an elegant dinner reception in an old ironworks building, and planned grand galas in big banquet hotels. I used to specialize in rustic inspired weddings, but I don’t want to pigeon hole myself into a single theme. I’m not a one trick pony! My style is collaborative, heart-forward, and invested.  Definitely warm and fuzzy, connected.

What has been your favourite event to work on to date, and why?

One of the biggest challenges, and therefore most rewarding, was a wedding in July of 2014. It was a record breaking 39.9 degree day in Pemberton Valley. The ceremony was outdoors – we had fans, and parasols, ice cloths for the guests, but it was sooo hot. We actually ended up having the 150 guests be part of the processional! They stayed indoors in the shade until we cued them to take their seats. They walked down the aisle, sat down, and the wedding party and bride immediately followed. It was tough to facilitate but so rewarding and unique.

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What is one tip that you would give a client when they are choosing a wedding planner?

Pick someone you feel comfortable with, someone who “gets” you. If it is a good fit you should feel like you can trust them enough to share even the most silly and unique details of your vision. With planning, what a client thinks they’re getting and what they actually get are two separate things. They think they’re getting some one to plan their wedding, but what they actually get is peace of mind.

If you weren’t a wedding planner, what would you be?

I’d likely work in the non-profit realm, probably still doing events, but in that sector.

What is your favourite food to eat at events?

Really delicious chocolate gluten-free anything!! Or anything with truffles!

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Thanks so much, Kiri!! We loved working with you and can’t wait to do it again!!

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