Just got engaged? Here are some wedding tips

2016 Jan

Just got engaged? Here are some wedding tips

by Louis Gervais / In Tips & Advice

If you’ve just become engaged, you’ll know that planning a wedding can become a full time job on its own. Between picking a wedding caterer, viewing venues and convincing your bridesmaids that the dress looks absolutely amazing on all of them, to all the other aspects that go into a wedding.  Luckily, we have some wedding tips that, from our experience, can make your planning process more enjoyable and twice as effective.


Wedding Don’t: Do not put yourself into debt! I know that it is your wedding and that it is the most magical day in every woman’s life but a wedding does not have to break your bank and leave you with a larger bill than expected. Create a budget, write it down and stick to it. You will be so glad that you did and may even get to extend the honeymoon with the extra cash you saved!!!


Wedding Do: Pick the 3 most important wedding services you and your fiancé wish to have at your wedding. For example: Say the 3 most important services to you are:  1) The Caterer 2) The photographer and 3)The Florist.  Go big on these services. Get the vendors you want that will make your wedding day a dream and save money on the services that are less important to you. For example: Creating wedding playlists on your IPod rather than hiring a DJ or sending out electronic invites as opposed to hiring a stationary expert.


Wedding Don’t: Vancouver is home to hundreds of excellent wedding vendors. But exercise restraint. Don’t fill out dozens of online forms for wedding caterers, photographers … etc. Remember everyone you reach out to will contact you back. Keeping track of them all and responding can be overwhelming and confusing. Staying organized is key to successful planning. Do your research, select your favourite 2 or 3 wedding caterers, photographers etc. and know what you want before contacting them. If none of them work out you can always go back and select three more.


Wedding Do: Hire a Vancouver wedding planner. Wedding Planners thrive on the craziness of planning a wedding. Let them take the reins and guide you through the process.  Not only is this their area of expertise but planners also tend to have a way of getting into your heart, becoming your friend and in some cases even your shrink at no additional charge 😉


Wedding Don’t: Don’t take your stress out on your family. Family can either be too involved or not involved enough. Either way, the possibility of a little family drama is almost inevitable. Remember that it is your day and they are your family. No matter what, they are all here to watch you walk down the aisle to the man of your dreams.

Wedding Do: Be happy! Enjoy this wonderful experience and share it with the ones you love.  It only happens once…

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