Bistro Specials Nov 4th – Nov 8th

2019 Nov

Bistro Specials Nov 4th – Nov 8th

by Louis Gervais / In Bistro Specials

Creamy Mac & Cheese with a tiroler bacon medallion

Croque Monsieur baked and served with pommed frites

Deep Fried Tuna Nuggets with a spiced Korean chili lime sauce

Quebec Tourtiere du Jac St-Jean, with a petite salade verte

Fontina Cheese grilled chicken burgers with yam fries

Tomato Vodka
Caramelized French Onion Soup with Cheese croutons

Feature Sandwich
Grilled BBQ pulled chicken sandwich on a ciabatta sub with aged cheddar

Spinach pomegranate salad with snowflake feta and lemon vinaigrette
Vanilla goat cheese pok pok beet salad
Cumin cauliflower and cranberry salad
Chef’s Choice

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