A unique alternative for your office Christmas party

2015 Nov
office Christmas party

A unique alternative for your office Christmas party

by Louis Gervais / In News & Media, Tips & Advice


Tis the holiday season … and time to plan your company’s holiday party. If you’ve been charged with this task and are looking for a unique alternative to the typical office Christmas party we at Louis Gervais Fine Foods & Catering have the perfect solution. Instead of a cocktail party or buffet dinner why not treat your group to a culinary adventure. Not just any regular cooking class – a Master Chef Culinary Challenge.

The Master Chef Culinary Challenge is unique take on the wildly successful TV series, this cooking class challenges teams to work together to design and execute a 3 course menu. Our chef instructors judge the final products and announce a winning team before everyone sits down to enjoy a meal, a glass of wine and some laughs.

Looking for something even more entertaining? What about ourIron Chef-Black Box Culinary Challenge? The Iron Chef Challenge is similar to the Master Chef Culinary Challenge but, to add to the excitement, teams are given a special ingredient that must be incorporated into their three-course menu. Without the benefit of prior instruction, this is the most challenging of our cooking classes.

Or, if your group is interested in an interactive evening without the competitive component we also offer a three-course dinner class focused on popular regional cuisines including: French Bistro, Rustic Italian and Westcoast Seafood. Participants work in pairs preparing each menu item and then sit down to enjoy the fruits of their labour with some wine and candlelight.

We at Louis Gervais Fine Foods & Catering are always creating new ideas to present to our Vancouver clients so they can get the most from their experience with us. We don’t just offer food and a place to eat. We offer custom menus, a great space to interact with your guests and a fabulous selection of drinks while your competing for the best meal!

Contact one of our event planners to find out more or to book your culinary adventure.

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